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Tripura, a state in northeastern India, is home to a rich cultural history, beautiful scenery, and historic temples. This beautiful region, often known as the “Land of Palaces,” embraces the beauty of the present while providing a window into the past.

The beautiful Ujjayanta Palace in Agartala is only one of Tripura’s many breathtaking palaces and historic places. The state is a haven for environment enthusiasts thanks to its undulating hills, serene lakes, and abounding forests.

Explore Tripura’s distinct culture through its exuberant dancing styles, folk music, and delicious cuisine. The state is renowned for its welcoming communities and wide variety of indigenous peoples.

Discover the allure of Tripura’s royal past, serene surroundings, and cultural diversity.

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Wiki facts on Tripura

State: Tripura
Country: India
Capital: Agartala
No. of Districts: 8 (2023)
Area: 10,491 sq km
Latitude: 22°N – 24°N
Longitude: 91 E° – 92 E°
Statehood: 21 January 1972
Languages: Bengali, Kokborok
Population: 4M+
Culture: Melting Pot
Festival: Kharchi Puja
Palace: Ujjayanta Palace
Lakes: Rudrasagar, Dumboor
Cuisine: Mui Borok, Fish Delicacies
Traditions: Garia Puja
Tourism: Ujjayanta Palace, Neermahal
Crafts: Bamboo Handicrafts
Music: Lebang Boomani, Sumui Dance
Adventure: Trekking, Wildlife
Flora: Orchids, Saffron
Fauna: Clouded Leopard
Climate: Humid

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