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Nagaland is a region of India’s northeast where you can find unique tribal cultures, rolling mountains, and untouched natural beauty. Nagaland, often known as the “Land of Festivals,” provides a mesmerizing fusion of customs and natural beauties.

The state is also known for its several native tribes, each of which has distinctive traditions and languages. Discover Naga culture at the Hornbill Festival as you take in the traditional clothing and tribal dances.

Nature lovers and adventure seekers are drawn to Nagaland by its breathtaking natural beauty, which includes the tranquil Kohima City and the verdant Dzukou Valley.

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Wiki facts on Nagaland

State: Nagaland
Country: India
Capital: Kohima
No. of Districts: 11 (2023)
Area: 16,579 sq km
Latitude: 25°N – 27°N
Longitude: 93 E° – 95 E°
Statehood: 1 December 1963
Languages: English, Nagamese
Population: 2M+
Culture: Diverse
Festival: Hornbill Festival
City: Kohima
Dance: War Dance, Bamboo Dance
Industry: Agriculture, Handicrafts
Tribes: Naga Tribes (16 major tribes)
Cuisine: Bamboo Shoots, Pork
Traditions: Headhunting (historical)
Tourism: Dzukou Valley, Kohima War Cemetery
Crafts: Woodcarvings, Bamboo Art
Music: Folk Music, Traditional Songs
Adventure: Trekking, Bird Watching
Flora: Rhododendrons, Orchids
Fauna: Blyth’s Tragopan

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