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Mizoram, the state of India’s northeast, is known for its beautiful landscapes, undulating hills, and vibrant cultural traditions. The area, also referred to as the “Land of the Highlanders,” provides a tranquil respite from the bustle of the metropolis.

Mizoram features a distinctive fusion of historical and contemporary elements. The state’s breathtaking scenery, notably the charming city of Aizawl, entices tourists looking for peace in the arms of nature.

Discover the lively Mizo culture, indulge in regional cuisine, and take in the captivating Cheraw dance, which is performed using bamboo sticks.

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Wiki facts on Mizoram

State: Mizoram
Country: India
Capital: Aizawl
No. of Districts: 11 (2023)
Area: 21,081 sq km
Latitude: 21°N – 24°N
Longitude: 92 E° – 93 E°
Statehood: 20 February 1987
Language: Mizo, English
Population: 1M+
Culture: Rich
Festival: Chapchar Kut
City: Aizawl
Dance: Cheraw
Industry: Handicrafts, Sericulture
Religion: Predominantly Christian
Cuisine: Bamboo Shoots, Fish
Traditions: Bamboo Culture
Tourism: Aizawl, Tuirihiau Falls
Crafts: Bamboo Handicrafts
Music: Khullam, Chheihlam
Adventure: Trekking, Hiking
Flora: Rhododendrons, Orchids
Fauna: Serow
Climate: Temperate

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