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Manipur, a gem in northeastern India another part of the Seven Sisters, draws you with its voluminous culture, breathtaking scenery, and distinctive past. Manipur, tucked away among the green hills, is more than simply a place; it’s an adventure just waiting to be discovered.

Manipur, also referred to as the “Land of Jewels,” has a rich tapestry of customs and natural settings. With its phumdis (floating islands), Loktak Lake, also known as the “Floating Lake,” is a tribute to nature’s miracles. Manipur has a rich history in addition to its natural beauty.

Asia’s largest women’s market, Ima Keithel, presents the vibrant local culture. Ras Lila, a delicate art form, and Polo, an exhilarating activity, both originated in Manipur.

Come to feel immersed in Manipur’s charm. In this land of undiscovered wonders, there is still so much to learn and do. Begin your adventure with us, and as you travel beyond, let the tales of Manipur reveal themselves.

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Wiki facts on Manipur

State: Manipur
Country: India
Capital: Imphal
No. of Districts: 16 (2023)
Area: 22,327 sq km
Latitude: 23°N – 25°N
Longitude: 93 E° – 94 E°
Statehood: 21 January 1972
Language: Manipuri (Meiteilon)
Population: 3M+
Culture: Diverse
Festival: Sangai Festival
Lake: Loktak
Dance: Manipuri
Industry: Handicrafts, Tourism
Temples: Kangla Sha
Heritage: Kangla Fort
Climate: Subtropical
Scenic: Loktak Lake
Ethnicity: Pluralistic
Dialects: Various
Agriculture: Rice, Bamboo
Hills: Manipur Hills
Plateaus: Manipur Valley
Flowers: Shirui Lily
Fauna: Sangai Deer
Cuisine: Manipuri
Music: Pena, Dholak
Monuments: Kangla Palace
Government: Parliamentary
Crafts: Handlooms, Pottery
Borders: Nagaland, Mizoram, Myanmar
Crops: Orange, Pineapple
Folklore: Khamba-Thoibi
Habitats: Forests, Wetlands
Tourism: Loktak Lake, Kangla Fort
Hill Stations: Ukhrul

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