Arunachal Pradesh

Also known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

About Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a land of mountains and it borders the state of Assam and Nagaland and part of Seven Sisters region. The state also shares an international border with Bhutan, Myanmar, and China. The state is the largest among the 7 sisters and Sikkim (Northeast India). And Itanagar is the state capital of Arunachal Pradesh.

The state is an ethnically diverse state and 45 tribes/sub-tribes live in the state. Largely these tribes live in the region, Monpa people in the west, Tani people in the center, Mishmi and Tai people in the east, and Naga people in the southeast of the state.

Arunachal Pradesh is famously known as the “Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains”. With the highest peak at 7,060 meters (23,160 ft) named Kangto.

The highest diversity of mammals and birds can be found in the state, with around 750 species of birds and more than 200 species of mammals living in the state.

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Wiki facts on Arunachal Pradesh

Union territory: 21 January 1972
Statehood: 20 February 1987
Capital & Largest City: Itanagar
Districts: 25
Total Area: 83,743 km2 (32,333 sq mi)
Official languages: Hindi, English, Adhi language, Nyishi
Latitude: 26.28° N and 29.30° N
Longitude: 91.20° E and 97.30° E
Population: 1.61 Million

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